Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi of Yosemite National Park, California

M. Hutten, U. Arup, O. Breuss, T. L. Esslinger, A. M. Fryday, K. Knudsen, J. C. Lendemer, C. Printzen, H. T. Root, M. Schultz, J. Sheard, T. Tønsberg, B. McCune

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We compiled literature, intensively studied 15 sites as a group, and collected opportunistically in other areas of the Yosemite National Park. We report a total of 562 species of lichenized fungi from the Park, adding 461 species to the total of 101 species reported for the Park by the National Park Service database. An additional 22 lichenicolous fungi are reported here. Two nonlichenized fungi associated with young living twigs of particular host species are also included. An additional 75 species that are known from nearby areas in the Sierra Nevada, but not yet from Yosemite, are listed. Fourteen species are apparently newly reported for the Sierra Nevada, with an additional 17 species new to California, and five species new to North America (Gyalidea fritzei, Pyrenopsis reducta, Lecanora pseudosarcopidoides, L. sarcopidoides, L. subravida). Two taxonomic changes are included here: Verrucaria carbonusta Breuss is newly described, and Lecidea fuscoatrina Hertel & Leuckert is synonymized under the earlier but neglected name, L. cascadensis H. Magn.


California; floristics; lichenized fungi; lichens; new records; Sierra Nevada; Yosemite National Park



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