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A Great Guide to Improving Twitter Activity

by Britt Morgan (2018-04-23)

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If you haven’t been maintaining Twitter, you may be losing an unbelievable chance to allow your writing efforts remove. Within this quick post, we’re gonna show you why Twitter must be part of your time and energy AND how it is possible to avoid letting your Twitter account lie fallow.

Why you ought to Be Active on Twitter

Improves your experience of readers and broadens your network.
Amplifies your brand exposure and boosts your social credibility.
Increases viral potential without the need for a big marketing budget.
Can help you stick to the surface of news within your niche and current events.
Completes a social presence when used in addition to other social platform leaders.
Activate Your Twitter Presence

Should your followers are hearing crickets, then you’re not going to attain the great benefits Twitter provides. You don’t have to be on Twitter 24/7, but you will require a continuous presence that isn’t broken up by periods of radio silence.

Here are a couple well-versed tweet types that you could share on Twitter within seconds:


Provide instructive and helpful suggestions that are strongly related your niche and resonate with readers.
Url to your original Vines, blog posts, articles, press releases, promotions, contests, and more.
Pose inquiries to all of your followers (even consider targeting an issue to a specific follower).
Curate content by sharing links to 3rd-party relevant articles, videos, images, plus more.
Retweet content that is certainly relevant to your audience along with your brand.
Share the most up-to-date apps or tools which you think is advantageous along with a brief snippet the reason why you think it’s helpful.
Take up a conversation by engaging online websites by making use of @replies and mentions.
Participate in relevant trending #hashtags by writing a relevant spin for the hashtag to sign up the discussion.
Your behind-the-scenes information and photos (events you’re attending, projects you’re participating in, etc.)
Interesting factoids, quotes, compelling observations, and engaging ideas.
Consistently post combining the above tweet types regularly to take care of content diversity and follower interest. You can attempt any number of services, like Hootsuite, to preschedule content so you don’t have to drop what your doing to tweet. However, provide you with into the Home Twitter feed to see what’s on everyone’s minds at least one time per day.

On Twitter? What tips do you have for balancing content with timeliness? Any particular Twitter do’s and don’ts that you might want to talk about? Share your comments, questions, and suggestions - we’d want to know what you think!

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