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DONATE to aid defend victims from Hoaxers.

by Connolly Lundberg (2018-04-23)

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Mass shooting Hoax

HONR Community is a 501.c.3 non-income organization devoted to Stopping the Continuous and Intentional Torment of Victims.
The HONR Community thinks that good culture should not tolerate individuals who exploit tragedies and prey on the victims of violent crimes. Individuals who’ve misplaced their cherished ones ought to be allowed to grieve in peace without having becoming harassed, exploited or subjected to on the web defamation. Regrettably, the publicity surrounding most high-profile tragedies can make these susceptible folks excellent targets for this variety of persecution. In the wake of current mass murders this kind of as the Sandy Hook Elementary Faculty taking pictures, Boston Marathon bombing, and the Orlando Pulse nightclub capturing. Conspiracy theorists have descended on the bereaved like vultures, accusing them of being actors in elaborately staged authorities plots to deceive the general public. Then there are the emotionally disturbed and mentally unwell folks who are easily provoked by the false details distribute by conspiracy theorists. They target the surviving family customers and stalk them relentlessly, issuing genuine threats and frequently telling the victims that their beloved types didn’t die—or worse yet—never existed. Fortunately, U.S. laws exist that hold accountable these who libel, slander or in any other case defame the useless and residing. Other regulations levy significant penalties from these who stalk, harass and intimidate, both online and in person. Of system, filing this kind of legal motion calls for competent representation, and this will come at a expense. Remember to support us in our mission to quit this concerted hard work to besmirch the memory of the slain and prolong the anguish and struggling of these they remaining powering. Your support is tremendously appreciated.

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