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"dika" (2017-08-21)

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Saudi is developing six ‘economic cities’, largest being the King Abdullah Economic City, that planned to become completed by 2020. These economic cities are now being planned by having an intent to diversify economy and accelerate growth, expected to contribute US$ 150 billion to GDP in 2020.

As like a participant in all major international and regional agencies, such like the UN, WTO, the Arab League, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC ) , Muslim World League, and also the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC ) , the kingdom is likewise a significant supporter of IMF and also the World Bank.

Market Research Saudi Arabia of selling growth advisory firm Solidiance focused in Middle East and Asia, helps business leaders and deal-makers with market research and strategy recommendations to develop and expand business inside the oil-rich country. We can comprehend and represent the dynamic shifts taking shape inside the Middle Eastern markets which most directly impact our clients. We convert deep knowledge on Saudi market into an actionable and comprehensive market entry and growth strategy.

We‘re known to become assertive, yet diplomatic and culturally aware and always seek to “get our hands dirty” in understanding the rationale market behaviors will influence and indeed impact our clients’ business inside the region.

Specializing in sectors for example industrial, technology, construction, automotive, telecommunications and healthcare, Solidiance prides itself in having on-the-ground insights had the need to dig deep straight into the Saudi Arabian market and procure reliable data used to research Saudi Arabian market trends, industry perspectives, and value chain partner opinion to ensure that our clients can compete effectively inside the Saudi market.

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