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Penis Enlargement - What Is HOT and What Is NOT

by Alford Cheng (2018-04-22)

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There are several alternatives nowadays for Penis Enlargement. Let's try and speed them: 

HOT means it works.

Semi-HOT means it's prospective.

NOT means it isn't.

Penis Drugs - NOT

Simply take a class in pharmacology. You will find essentially two types of drugs - sympathomimetics and parasympathomimetics. One targets the sympathetic nervous system, the other objectives the parasympathetic system that is nervous. Then have these pills broken down by the gastro-intestinal system, then sent out into your entire blood stream, then filtered through your liver, and then magically make their way to your penis and make it bigger, well, then I wish you the best of luck if you think you can ingest some pills orally. 

Penis Patches - NOT

My penis doesn't smoke cigarettes. Why would I put a patch onto it?

Electro-Muscle Stimulation - Semi-HOT

In physiotherapy, most electric-stim reduces edema which is the opposite of the effects you'd want to achieve in penile growth. However, I can see applying some Russian-Stim to the bottom of the penis might encourage strengthening of the Bulbospongiosus Muscle. This won't make you larger but it might build this muscle up to improve the strength of your orgasm. 

Jelqing - HOT

Jelqing is a method that is biomechanical of enlargement. It works. 

Penis Pumps - HOT

Penis pumps have now been which may increase enlargement, however by much. But, whenever used in combination with Jelqing and Stretching they've been an invaluable device to get the maximum benefit from the penis workouts, whenever utilized post-exercising they truly are outstanding accelerant to your penile growth.

Penis Surgery/Injections - NOT

I would never ever let a surgeon cut into my penis or inject me with a foreign material. But that's my personal opinion. 

Myofascial Unlocking - HOT

Myofascial Unlocking is a method that is biomechanical of rid of the knots in your system. Myofascial knotting is one of the reasons your penis gets smaller with age.

Growth Hormones Stimulation - HOT

Growth hormone definitely has potential to improve muscle mass and tissue. It's a complex hormone that is protein-based of 200 amino acids. Amino acids are imperative to penile function and performance. I'd say this has great potential but correct stimulation and getting it to the penile tissue is a story that is different. It is comparable to taking steroids, if they enter the body externally; but if one can stimulate GH through natural and endogenous methods, this sounds very promising; especially while biomechanically exercising the penis. GH also does wonders for the ongoing health and number of sperm. The way that is best to boost GH is through hard-core exercising, like body-building. So work out the body, work out the then penis to obtain the best out of GH as an accelerant for your enlargement system. Non-organic milk has GH and Testosterone as a by-product of the Bovine growth hormones fond of cows to make more milk for a longer time. It's not the healthiest stuff, but, "Got Milk?"

Extending - HOT

Stretching associated with ligaments of the penis is certainly one method that is biomechanical of enlargement that really works.

Biochemicals - Semi-HOT

Biomolecular methods certainly have actually possible to have an influence in the penis. Proper focusing on and stimulation needs to be addressed. I see potential here; I'm just wondering whenever we have most of the data that are right ability to exploit it. Biochemistry is an extremely complex science it really works that we are just beginning to understand how.

How Do Penis Enlargement Work?


Your disposition that is genetic's your DNA - the program that determines how you will physically turn out to be) determines your penis size and length. Apart from trauma and circumcision, you are almost stuck with one size for the rest of your life... Or maybe perhaps not...

Guy was gifted a penis unlike other primates & most other animals, a penis that is elastic and plastic in nature. That means it has elasto-plastic biophysical properties and that means biomechanically it could be increased in proportions and size. But it takes work. You can't change a bio-physical item through some secret product or patch that is magic. YOU HAVE TO PHYSICALLY RE-EDUCATE ITS COMPOSITIONAL STRUCTURE. If you are willing to put in 10 minutes a day; you can change your size. Really, guys, that's basically the main way to do it, apart from surgery.

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