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Safety in Film and Television Production

by Walsh MacKinnon (2018-04-23)

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Most modern shows can potentially be in the medium to high-risk safety environment. Whatever the location and size of the production : whether a major blockbuster, a small-scale studio room shoot, a good on-location news record, or a active event - there are always a vast number of factors that you might not necessarily consider a risk till it is far too late.


1st Alternative Safety Team are here to help. Our production risk management specialists will continue to work with you inside planning and carrying out your risk evaluation, to help you shield staff, comply with production policies, safeguard your budget, and keep your reputation.

Simply by highlighting any dangers to your staff such as tricks, special effects, equipment, mother nature, social unrest, and any other factors, a person can work to reduce them to a bare minimum - and make a plan of action if things do go wrong.


As soon as your risk assessment method is finalised, it can actually be appended to your Health & Safety policy for the future. We recommend reviewing and updating the risk assessments usually - and we're always the following to help!

We have the information, experience, and assets to adapt to any kind of situation and offer expert advice in a eventuality.

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