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CopperTec - Why Copper Plating is Popular for Decorative Purposes

by Walsh MacKinnon (2018-04-23)

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In recent years, the use of copper plating services for decorative purposes is continuing to grow in recognition, and this can be credited to a number of causes, including its luxurious physical appearance, copper’s anti-microbial effect and it's long life expectations against deterioration.


Copper is a visually appealing steel and can be treated diversely to create various appearances. For example, the natural shiny and vibrant copper-pink appearance can make it particularly appealing for internal design, where a fresh trend offers emerged. Copper is considered to add heat and a glow to a property, as a consequence of its vibrantly polished color. From light fixtures and lamps, to plates and chair casings, copper has made a mark in many houses. A great way of earning these items stand out is by inserting them in opposition to a neutral track record colour, which helps draw the attention to them and produces a showcase piece.

A weathered effect called ‘verdigris’ is actually method of achieving a rustic copper appear. This is accomplished through not applying a coating and revealing the copper to seawater or oxygen over a time frame, which results in a vibrant blue-green patina. This technique can also be accelerated artificially with the use of hydrochloric acidity, as it can take years to attain naturally. Some other methods are the use of white wine vinegar to achieve the powdery eco-friendly type area effect.

Copper can also be polished to produce a brown or perhaps red color. Another choice is to tarnish or perhaps treat it, which will produce a deeper black shade. If copper is actually both blackened and polished, a bronzed complete can be achieved. Conversely, a lacquer can be applied to prevent tarnishing coming from occurring.

Copper plating can be used to decorate various items and products. Included in this are kitchen and bathroom accessories, lifts and staircases and range all the way through to the particular interiors and fronts of structures. Where copper plating is applied outdoors, a clear coating can be used to keep up with the polished finish, which will help preserve its appearance regardless of climatic conditions. Copper has an ability to withstand deterioration for a long time, which makes it a popular choice for plating a selection of items.


As copper plating continues to grow inside popularity for decorative purposes, it will undoubtedly be found in more customers’ homes, area of interest boutiques as well as large brand names who are searching to make a powerful statement in regards to the way they want to be perceived with regard to quality and luxurious.

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