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Esprit Automation - Plasma Cutting V Flame Cutting

by Walsh MacKinnon (2018-04-23)

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A plasma cutting machine uses plasma which has been heated to a high temperature to cut metal. Whereas a flame cutting machine utilizes fuel gas such as propylene and air to cut through metals.

Plasma cutting machines and flame cutting machines both have their advantages, but which is right for the company? The answer varies depending on exactly what the intended technique machine is, as well as the type of steel you intend to reduce and its thickness. For example, flame cutting machines are usually employed to minimize ferrous metals. Nonetheless, plasma cutting machines can be used to cut via both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron. Generally speaking, plasma machines tend to be used to cut steel of a reduce thickness, together with flame cutting machines utilised with regard to metal regarding a greater fullness.


In terms of top quality, a CNC plasma cutting machine offers superb precision, with a good dip angle and hardly any slag. Whereas a CNC flame cutting machine might require secondary running to finesse the product quality, and produces a large quantity of slag. A plasma cutting machine will certainly produce a smaller sized kerf width and the heat-affected zone will be smaller than a flame cutting machine, which means that the surrounding region will be protected from warping or perhaps paint injury. A plasma cut product will also be softer than one that has been flame cut. Additionally, a plasma cutting machine achieves a higher-level of accuracy and is able to create inside reductions, intricate curves and even well-defined corners.

Production capability and speed are important factors that want to be considered. Flame cutting machines tend to have a slower cutting speed as compared to plasma cutting machine speeds, and also need preheating. Plasma cutters alternatively are ready for use immediately and can accomplish a cutting speed of up to Five hundred inches each minute, and can be up to Eight.5 times faster than a flame cutting machine.

Plasma cutting machines are seen to be less dangerous than flame cutting machines in certain respects. This is because flame cutting machines use fuel gases, probably the most common being propylene due to the higher flame temperatures, which increases perforation. As a combustible gas, choice carries a risk, in contrast to plasma cutting machines, which often only use compressed atmosphere. Maintenance for both types of machine can usually be completed by the plant maintenance staff.


One of the most important aspects for companies interested in purchasing a machine will certainly be the cost. Currently plasma cutting machines come in more expensive than flame cutting machines. That being said, plasma is gathering popularity and is becoming less costly as the technologies continues to enhance.

The Esprit Automation plasma cutting and flame cutting machine manufacturer, has a lot of their website about each of these machines and how to use them in market.

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