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Where the successful people studied or are studying

by Marggie Hopkins (2017-07-27)

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It seems that many believe that successful people spend most of their time working overtime or even overnight. But it would be a mistake to identify a successful person with a workaholic. Perhaps you will be surprised, but successful, as a rule, leave the weekend to rest, spend time with the family or alone with you and your goals.

By the way, have you ever wondered what exactly helps them achieve their goals? Here are 20 interesting sources, that will help you become successful during your education, take a look at them and compare you guessed.

  1. What do worlds most successful people
  2. How to study to become successful
  6. Professional tutor advices
  9. Hanna Spence blog
  11. Jason Cornburn PhD
  13. Blogger advices about success

And here you will be able to find sources, that will help you to deal with everyday homework and other different assignmets:

We are always looking for ways to succeed and improve our lives in all its aspects. Start with small - make and use the habits of the most intelligent and most successful people in your everyday life.

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