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Fix of a compressed air compressor

by dong ha (2018-04-15)

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Drain the condensate

In the production of compressed air condensate, which is contaminated by the particles contained in the sucked air. This condensate should be drained regularly, which should be done about once a week if used regularly. Mainly because only containers that are emptied regularly can function properly longer. It is important to open the valve carefully to avoid splashing.

Dispose of condensate properly

Drained condensate is a hazardous waste that are unable to simply be got rid of of with household waste products. Namely, there are impurities such as cadmium and iron contained therein, which can cause sensitive environmental damage. In case of uncertainties about the disposal, the regional waste management company is usually happy to help. For much more Information seeĀ

Clean your suction filtration

The suction filter, which is in charge of drawing the air into the room of the compressor reservoir, should also be cleansed occasionally.

Replace filter

Found in addition, a filter change is necessary every year.

Protection of an oil lubed air compressor

Oil-lubricated air compressors additionally require regular oil checks and appropriate refilling of oil.

Pertaining to this purpose, only chosen compressor oils should be taken up to the maximum filling level.

The olive oil level can be inspected via a factory-installed view glass.

If the olive oil level is too low and near the bare minimum filling level, oil must be added with the corresponding filling supports to ensure proper procedure of the air compressor.

What advantages do lightweight air compressors offer?

For the mobile use of compressed air compressors, the trade offers lightweight little models. This kind of facilitates handling when reloading and transporting the devices. For large construction sites, however, lightweight air compressors with extra-large wheels are far more practical. Individuals also make it much easier to move the machines on sandy ground.

Compressor models are available in a simpler and more comfortable design. Height-adjustable handles or strong soft rubber tires, for example, ensure a high level of drive comfort, which also influences the quality of the mobility. Ergonomic handles enhance the comfortable transport of lightweight air compressors.

Relaxing compressed compressors: Which conditions must be met?

If perhaps a compressed compressor on a construction site in the middle of a residential area or even in a workroom are being used in which also worked, whisper quiet air compressors are advisable. Whenever calm procedure is required, these specified devices are ideal because they produce low amount.

If a compressed air compressor operates quietly, this aspect can even be extremely important to the user. On particular, in noisy, uninsulated environments, the operating sound of the devices increased many times and can break the hearing in continuous use. However, if a compressed compressor is quiet, it produces at most a bearable appear of around 55 to 60 decibels. This refers approximately to the going noise of a stitching machine.

Very quiet are compressors without air fish tank. But there are even compressed air reciprocating air compressors with air tanks that work extremely quietly. Alternatively, a rotary compressor produces much louder noise because of design and should only be operated with ear canal protection in continuous use.

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