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Amazing You

"AaliyaDaniel" (2017-09-07)

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One of the best ways to  Amazing You Review become an inspiration is by achieving your own goals. How many times have you watched a show or read about someone's life, their struggles and triumph, and became inspired by the person they've become?There's something about watching that fighting spirit within someone that brings out or awakens this feeling inside of us that we can achieve anything we set our mind to. It's this sort of inspiration that has produced such great accomplishments throughout history. Time and time again we hear stories of Olympians who were inspired by an athlete they saw winning on television that caused them to set and achieve their own Olympic dreams. It's amazing what an inspired individual can do.What I'd like to challenge you to do is to take whatever goal you have and commit to making it a reality. You see, when you achieve your goals, it doesn't just affect you, it also affects the people around you. Every one of us wants to desperately believe that we put here to do something incredible. The challenge is that many of us has seen our dreams get shattered over and over again and have come to believe that dreams are reserved for the lucky and gifted people.When you achieve your own dreams, you give hope to the people around you that they can achieve theirs. The reason is because since they know you, it's more real to them. How often have we seen someone successful on TV and thought they must have been born into a wealthy family or they must have been born with great talents and gifts? We tend to come up with these excuses as to why those people are able to achieve their dreams while we are not.<

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