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"Aaliyah Daniel" (2017-10-09)

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I would like to talk about a very important thing in life. It concerns the GOAL you have in mind. The Goal is the target you have thought of to achieve something and make a name for yourself. Goals are set up at Love Power Reading Review various times in life and keep on changing. At an early age in life you might have decided on a goal of winning your parents love, as well as those of other family members. Later the goal may be to do well in school and even be at the top in the class. Later on it may be to top not only in School but maybe the city. Still later it maybe to rank amongst the top students in the Board examinations. When you go to College the goal would be to decide on what you want to be in your life, a Doctor, Engineer, Architect etc. What are the essentials things to achieve the goals at different levels? I would put the first thing as a clear idea of your goal. Second the effort required to reach that goal. Guidance is very necessary and comes with Knowledge and Education. If you want to say become a Doctor, you must know what are the good colleges, what is the criterion on the basis of which they select students, the cost involved and whether your parents can afford it. Then set about gathering the knowledge necessary. You might have to get proper education on certain points and subjects.

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