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Old School New Body

"Aaliyah Daniel" (2017-10-13)

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How to make your metabolism faster - Cardio Old School New Body Review exercise. Anything that gets your heart a-pumping! Like, biking, walking at a good pace, jogging. Your metabolism skyrockets and you can eat more and not put on weight. Or you can eat the same amount and lose weight!I watched the infomercials and got some of the exercises off it and they are awesome! Like the one where you lie on your side, have your elbow propping your upper body up, head in hand and lift your top leg up and then down. Do it slowly and be in control.nd there ain't nothing wrong with a simple crunch. Get a chair. Put your legs resting on the seat of the chair. The back of your knees should be on the edge of the chair, or just have your feet against the back of the chair. Whatever is comfy and it depends on the chair size. Now support your head/neck with your hands. And Crunch! Make sure you hold in your abdominals the whole time! If you concentrate on your abs your neck will not get sore. Start with 5 a day for a week then move on to 10 etc.

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