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Free Force Blast Review

"princyjohn" (2017-10-14)

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Avalanches are a real danger in areas that receive a lot of Free Force Blast snow during the winter, and they are responsible for many, many deaths each and every year. In an average year more than 200 people are killed by these forces of nature; and in many cases the bodies of the victims are not recovered until months and sometimes years later, if at all. And if someone does fall victim to such an occurrence, the odds of survival diminish with every second that passes. Statistically speaking, a victim that is not found within the first 45 minutes generally has less than a 30% chance of survival. Avalanche beacons are designed to transmit and/or receive a radio or GPS signal that can be used to find a buried avalanche victim. In most cases these devices are set to transmit a signal. If someone happens to be caught in an avalanche, the rescue party can switch their beacons to receive, which allows them to pick up the signal of the buried transmitter and victim. With several people moving back and forth in a zig-zag pattern over the affected area, it is often possible to locate the buried transmitter relatively quickly, provided there aren't other impediments to the search.

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