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Quantum Memory System Review

"princyjohn" (2017-10-14)

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If you are more present, you will experience what is actually Quantum Memory System going on around you. You won't knee-jerk react like the rest of the herd. You will stand out and be the better for it. How? You will see things and people for what they are - not what "accepted wisdom" would have you believe. You will know that all external "challenges" are opportunities too. You will know that everything external - good, bad and indifferent - is transient, cyclical. That everything, to use a Buddha-ism, "arises and passes away". The only thing that is permanent, is the part of you that realises this. Grab a hold of that part of your being and everything will change. You will rise to life's and business's challenges effortlessly, you will stand head and shoulders above the mindless crowd - you will have mastered the ability to devote more than 1% of your attentional capacity to what's actually going on in the present moment.

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