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The Siren Solution Review

"princy john" (2017-11-08)

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After a couple has been in a relationship The Siren Solution for a long time, a man will resist temptation as long as he still feels that he is needed and appreciated. He can't be everything to you all at the same time. Do you tell him you love him and appreciate all that he does for you or have you started to take him for granted? If he doesn't feel important to you, he will start to get attracted to another woman who does make him feel important.Sex becomes a routine to many couples. They make time for it on weekends and after awhile it becomes boring for both of them. If you feel you've fallen into a sexual rut, spice it up! Since he's used to having sex at certain times, tease him a little by flirtatiously playing hard to get again, like you did when you first met. That will get him excited about you again and keep a man from cheating!

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