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Fat Metrix System Review

"princy john" (2017-11-25)

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Eventually, however, you break the Fat Metrix System restraints of your diet. Perhaps you are at a party and the dessert looks too good to pass up, or a particularly stressful day causes you to head to the refrigerator. When you go off your diet, you feel upset and criticize yourself for losing control. At the same time, you find it hard to stop eating. After all, you've already broken the rules. You figure you might as well eat whatever you want now because in the near future you will need to go back on the same diet or try a new one. The weight you lost returns. Instead of receiving compliments, there is silence from the people in your life. This combination of events causes you to feel bad about yourself and your behavior. These negative feelings will lead you to the next diet, perpetuating the cycle of dieting and overeating. When a pattern occurs in such a predictable way, it can no longer be considered a personal failure. Rather, the fact that certain feelings, behaviors, and consequences occur frequently and consistently for people in a particular situation means that the problem lies outside of the individual, regardless of his or her own unique set of circumstances. You haven't failed diets; diets have failed you.

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