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Shadow Racing System Review

"princy john" (2017-11-28)

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Pace handicapping is still a very important Shadow Racing System and useful way to find good bets. Some lazy people use speed figures and pay the price with low mutuels and lots of failures. Pace handicappers put forth a little more effort, but can find much better bets. Pace handicapping is still as much an art as a science, because it involves some imagination as well as mathematical ability.Therefore, if you want to be a successful horse racing handicapper, and make money betting on horses, you'd better learn pace handicapping. Even if you do, however, be warned, trying to make money betting on horse races is extremely risky and you should never bet money you cannot afford to lose. At first glance, pace handicapping can be a daunting task. Feet per second, velocity, graphs, etc., can quickly confuse you and seem hopelessly complicated.

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