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The £50k Formula Review

"princy john" (2018-01-03)

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The image presented of old men The £50k Formula smoking cigars, sitting around the race track, and poring over their racing forms may seem like the image of a dying sport, but a closer look will reveal a startling aspect of horse racing handicapping that has heretofore been obscured by that negative picture. I am talking about the challenge of handicapping horse races and the effect it may have on the brain. Studies have shown that intellectual pursuits such as solving crossword puzzles may improve brain function and help aging humans to maintain cognitive abilities longer. Handicapping horse races is an intellectual sport and challenges the handicapper in many ways. It forces us to make many decisions and to weigh factors and remember past lessons. If you go to the race track and see many senior citizens, that is a positive thing. Those people are able to continue to enjoy life because they have at least one activity that challenges them and interests and motivates them enough to get out and go to the races.

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