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"aaliyahdaniel" (2018-01-05)

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Nearly every modern Chinese Tai Neuro67 Review Chi Master dismisses breathing and anyone's attempt to explore this absolutely essential and fundamental life process as a foolish obsession. Breathing is dismissed as "low level", "dangerous", and that it makes people "go crazy", particularly Westerners. At best, these "Masters" tell us that we should breathe "naturally".Over the years, I have seen hundreds of people whose health problems could be cured or 90% solved by their teacher fine tuning their movement and breath patterns. And, if these "masters" would teach their students the fundamental tools and principles of how to adjust their own energy body, then the student would be able to handle most, if not all of their own problems in their practice and daily life.Instead, they are being taught incorrectly with a hap hazard methodology, and then they are blamed and ridiculed for their "stupidity" and inadequacy. Apparently, these "masters" don't think there is any money or glory in being truthful and actually instructing their students properly and empowering them to success in their own self-study in the Taoist Arts.

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