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"aaliyahdaniel" (2018-01-07)

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There are different types of beef WM Nutrition Reviews production. To better understand the differences, one must know that a cow is a ruminant, meaning that it has a four compartment stomach. The rumen is where most digestion occurs. Calves quickly move from milk to a grass or forage diet. This feed is high in fiber, and because it is consumed as large particles, the animal must partially regurgitate it and re-chew it for proper digestion.With this type of diet, the pH level in the cow's stomach remains high, reducing the amount of acids produced. When grain feed is introduced to the animal, the amount of starch increases. The microbes in the rumen must then change in order to digest these starches properly. As a result, more acid is produced and rumen pH levels decrease. Acid levels that are too high can lead to health problems for cattle.

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