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Meridian Health Protocol Review

"princy john" (2018-01-09)

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Their veterinarians were telling Meridian Health Protocol them they needed "all natural" and "venison" to feed as their pet was allergic to dog food (many were scratching themselves raw, losing their hair, etc). This can and does happen to many pets because they can not take the grains, because of the added chemicals, added coloring, or the meat, which may come from and usually does, dead animals from rendering companies. These companies pick up animals that have died from sickness. Animals that have been euthanized or given all kinds of medications are included, with nothing left out. All these medications and deadly chemicals are thrown in. Eating it once might not be enough to make a dog sick or die but constantly feeding the animal this will at some point make the body react, the kidneys and liver cannot flush out all these pollutants. We have many happy 4-legged customers. So, before you have problems, please take the dog food-rating test and just make sure you are feeding a highly rated food. Keep them Happy and Healthy.

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