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"aaliyahdaniel" (2018-01-10)

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When remembering information, brain Neuro67 Reviewwave patterns momentarily change from Beta to Alpha. When the transition is not smooth, there will be difficulty in remembering. Alpha is the bridge from the conscious to subconscious mind and allows memories stored in the subconscious to enter the conscious, thinking mind. When the waves are in Beta, the information will be processed and interpreted. Alpha waves improve concentration and focus. Normally, one side of the brains, either the left or right side is dominant. When in Alpha, both sides of the brain work together. During an ideal alpha state, the brain is focused, engrossed and performing at its best. An increasing capacity to learn, as well as Decrease in learning time have also been associated with theta waves.Alpha waves bring back the energy, enthusiasm and zest for life that young kids naturally have. Researchers have measured the brain wave patterns of young children and discovered that they spend most of their waking hours in Alpha or Theta. As they grew older their minds start producing more Beta brain waves. Without Beta, the brain cannot reason, analyze or function in everyday live. Most adults, however, spend too much time in Beta and not enough time in Alpha or Theta which causes an imbalance.

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