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"aaliyahdaniel" (2018-01-10)

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For many people, getting an Neuro67 Reviewillness diagnosis is an awakening, a rude awakening, but still an awakening. The first place you go to is that of self-blame. What could you have done differently? What signs did you miss prior to the doctor's announcement? Playing Monday morning quarterback with your help is futile. It robs you of energy you need to move forward toward healing. However, there are small shifts you can make that will impact your health in positive waysWhen emotions break through the surface the tendency is to push them to the side. Many facing a health challenge believe that the feelings get in the way of the "real" work, combating the illness. The truth is that giving voice to your feelings is the quickest way to resolve many issues. The emotions are your personal truth and they are working very hard to get your attention.

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