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"princy john" (2018-01-12)

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Treatment of heel pain normally starts Mycozil Reviewwith application of anti inflammatory ointment together with pain killer tablets. If the pain persists then some steroid is injected. One such steroid is Cortisone which is quite anti inflammatory. This is injected into the heel bone and it starts to give good results instantly. Local anesthesia also helps in providing relief for a long time. This kind of treatment lasts for a few weeks and is not a perfect solution to correct the pain problem.Physical therapy for this pain includes measures to relax the calf and the achilles tendon. Friction massage is also helpful where a spherical object is to be rolled under the heel with some pressure on the floor. Shockwave therapy is also in place where therapeutic shockwaves are directed toward the affected pain area. This therapy is to be repeated on routine basis for at least 4 months to be fully effective.

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