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The Sugar Detox Solution

"aaliyahdaniel" (2018-01-17)

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Diabetic autonomic neuropathy The Sugar Detox Solution Reviewis a complication of diabetes that affects the entire autonomic nervous system [ANS] causing significant negative impact on both survival and quality of life. Because the ANS serves the major organ systems of the body (e.g., cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, sweat glands, or eyes), any disorder affecting it is experienced as a body-wide dysfunction in one or more organ systemsThe ANS which is responsible for the involuntary functions of the human body is made up of the parasympathetic nervous system which controls the dynamic state [homeokinesis] of the body at rest to regulate the body's "rest and digest" functions while the sympathetic nervous system controls the body's responses to a perceived threat as in the "fight or flight" or emergency response.

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