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Tesla Earth Generator Review

"princy john" (2018-01-23)

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Solar power is extremely high tech. The Tesla Earth Generatorsolar panels that are involved can cost thousands of dollars. This is probably the biggest problem with using solar power as an alternative home energy solution. Sure, you can hook up some solar powered lights or a solar water heater and harness the power of the sun that way, but are you really making any significant savings? Having a few solar powered lights around the house isn't going to put a huge dint in your power bill. At best you'll probably save a few dollars per month and that is it. The sheer cost of installing enough solar panels to create electricity is the problem. The savings you stand to gain are minimal compared to just the fee you will have to pay to get everything done by installers. Are you really seeing any savings? Is it worth waiting possibly twenty years or more to see some kind of pay off? Most people would respond with a definite no.

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