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Power Productivity

"aaliyahdaniel" (2018-01-25)

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Inspiration to create this new Power Productivity Reviewhabit of constructive imagining and brainstorming increases easily when you realize that fearful thinking, and its resulting contracted mental and emotional states, are never required according to the law of causality and they never help!It is always a mistake to choose to give in to fearful thinking. If you take some time to focus on this fact so that you really develop confidence in it, you will readily arouse your aggressive energy to reject fearful thinking and replace it with creative thinking.Here is an example of how one person chose to trust the paradoxical nature of liberation and empowerment. Many years ago a very successful man shared what he said was his primary secret to success. He said simply, "Whatever direction fear told me to go in, I went in the opposite direction. That made all the difference.Success is not just something that happens to people it is a choice. Everyone in the world who is successful at one point or another made a very distinct choice to become that way. And here is something not many people are willing to say but. If you're NOT successful that's your choice too.

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