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Crazy Bulk Review

"princyjohn" (2018-01-29)

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Last but not the least are supersets Crazy Bulk and dropsets that help you to build big biceps. Supersets were very important for growing my biceps. I used to like to start with a heavy inward grip EZ bar preacher curl for 10 and then superset with a wide grip EZ bar curl for 20 reps with a lighter weight. By the way in case you're wondering what my workout structure for biceps was, I'll give it to you, but understand you may have to do something entirely different to stimulate your biceps. For me it was a total of 6 heavy sets after warm up. And then 3 more sets after that I did either with supersets or dropsets. Generally for biceps I always shoot for 10 or more reps. There are other things that I didn't talk about today because you guys have already heard the majority of them 500 times. Things like supinating your hand or turning it over as you come up to work on the peak, trying to only use your elbow joint, lowering the weight slowly, and focusing on your biceps working the whole time.

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