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GRS Ultra Review

"princyjohn" (2018-01-30)

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The standard response to weight GRS Ultra loss is "Eat less, move more, and keep plugging away until you reach your goal." We have all tried this, but for most of us, it's not working... There has to be more to it. Over millions of years our genetics have come up with the starvation response to save us in time of famine. Unfortunately, our bodies can't tell between a diet and starvation. The brain and body send out an army of hormones and brain chemicals that conspire to keep you from losing weight. Once the starvation trigger is flipped, the body uses all of the many chemicals: they overlap so in a case one isn't working there are others to make sure that the fat stays on. Once the body notices that it is losing weight it sends out a waterfall of hormones and brain chemicals to slow the weight process down. The longer you are on these diets and the more weight you lose the more difficult it becomes to lose more weight.

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