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Neuro Defend Review

"princyjohn" (2018-01-31)

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During an ordinary day, the human Neuro Defend mind is in a Beta state. This means that the brain operates in the Beta range of frequencies (12-30 Hz). This is an active and alert state appropriate for studies, production and problem-solving. This mental state is desirable for the individual who aims at being productive at the workplace. However, it is not so desirable for someone who longs for spending time in a harmonious and peaceful manner beyond working hours. When the same individual mentioned above relaxes his mind, brainwaves slow down to the Alpha range of frequencies (8-12 Hz), a more creative and peaceful state. A deeper level of brainwave frequencies is the Theta frequencies (4-8 Hz), which is a meditative-like state. These frequencies occur naturally while the brain is in a deep meditation or is dreaming. Regular practice of meditation, i.e. mental presence in the Theta state, is highly beneficial to the body and mind.

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