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Slim Belly Fix

"princyjohn" (2018-02-01)

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The body uses energy for every Slim Belly Fix Review function and activity performed throughout the day. The rate at which the body produces energy is a result of the calories burned each day as determined by the speed of the metabolism process. Basal metabolic rate, BMR, is the rate at which the body burns calories through the bodily functions that keep us alive; breathing, heartbeat, kidney, liver, etc. The metabolic rate is greatly affected by the amount of physical activity the body performs, so an increase in physical activity can increase the metabolic rate, burning more calories thus causing weight loss. Exercise is the best form of physical activity to get the metabolism rate increased. By exercising the body will build more lean muscle mass which uses more calories than fat tissue. The best time of day to exercise is in the morning before the days activities begin. The metabolic rate will be at a higher level throughout the day as a result.

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