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"aaliyahdaniel" (2018-02-01)

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Many spiritual traditions from Piracetol Review India, China, and elsewhere focus on inquiry as a means of quieting the mind and remaining in the energy of curiosity, rather than conclusion. If the question is correct, the answer will obviously follow. This idea has been the deepest level of awareness and hidden understanding of Spirituality for thousands of years: from shamanism 5,000 years ago, to Taoism, to Tantra, to Buddhism, to Zen, to Kabbalism, to Judaism, to Christianity, to Hawaiian Kahuna-ism, and forward into modern times with Neville Goddard's Power of Awareness, to Ekhart Tolle's Living in the Now, to Dr. Robert Anthony's Deliberate Creation, to Paul Bauer's Effortless Manifesting. to Kam Yuan's Yuan Method, to Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics, to Frank Kinslow's Quantum Entrainment, to Gary Douglas' Access Consciousness, and so on. The common thread in all true Spiritualities is the concept of "The answer is in the question". Asking questions means being open to all possibilities, open to the giving nature of the Source. Thus,"To Question is to Receive".

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