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Eat Stop Eat Review

"princyjohn" (2018-02-02)

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I know that feeling because that Eat Stop Eat was how I used to be. If I couldn't work out hard for at least an hour, whether it was because I didn't feel well or because of time constraints-I deemed it wasn't worth working out at all. I had years of practice as a competitive athlete of pushing through it. Most coaches back then were of the "no pain, no gain" philosophy... in fact I still hear that phrase bantered around a lot! We pushed through pain and illness, believing that force was the answer. When I was in college I remember one coach telling me that working out was a stress on the body and so is illness. He said that with all the stress of academia that sometimes when our body feels ill we should take the day off from our workouts in order to be able to perform better in the long-run.

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