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Based on the study topic, research questions and objectives, the qualitative methodology is used as the main research method approach. This study investigates the strategy and practice of diversity management for Wal-Mart in China. To ensure that relevant information of the strategies that are adopted in China in comparison with the ones that are adopted by Wal-Mart it is important to use the qualitative approach. This is because the approach is centred on obtaining information that is current and influenced by the research topic. The approach entails investigating a phenomenon in its natural state and this is important for this study because it will ensure that information is gathered about the actual strategies that are being used by Wal-Mart in China and the actual impact that they have on the performance.

In line with the research using the qualitative methodology approach, this paper engages in the descriptive research design. This is a research design that helps in gathering in-depth information about the study topic. The descriptive research design breaks down the research topic into manageable variables that can be addressed as questions such as what, how, who, where and why. For this study, through the descriptive research design, the research topic is expressed as the research questions of this study which are: What diversity management strategies are used in the Chinese market; what are the diversity management strategies used by Wal-Mart in China; how do the strategy and practice of diversity management of Wal-Mart impact on its performance in China? And how can Wal-Mart improve its diversity management initiatives in China? The main limitation of the descriptive research design is that it explains phenomena as it is and it does not explain why a phenomenon exists in the specific manner that it does. However this is not a focus point of this study hence the limitation is mitigated. 

Other than the descriptive research design which explains the various factors associated with the aim of this study, the study also adopts the case study research design. Different countries have different management approaches. China’s management practices have for a long time been authoritative in nature. However currently with internationalization of businesses, the region is adopting more standardized approaches and they are embracing diversity. Since diversity management is relatively new within the market, it is important to investigate the strategies and practices that are adopted in the region with regards to diversity management.

Chinais one of the world’s largest markets with regards to consumer base. The country offers various businesses with various opportunities for business. That is why there are various retail chains that have focused on penetrating the market (Wang S. , 2009). Wal-Mart first ventured into the Chinese market in 1996 (Walmart, 2015). This is when the company opened a supercenter and Sam’s Club in Shenzhen. What this shows is that the company has an experience of about 2 decades within the Chinese market (Walmart, 2015). The company currently has more than 100,000 associates within the Chinese market (Walmart, 2015). In China, Wal-Mart operates various using various strategies and it even has different banners.

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