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2018 Unbiased ICO Reviews

by dong ha (2018-04-23)

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A new company that needs to raise money as a way to take-off is a scenario that has been studied and experimented countless times. Yet, it is only ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings that has caught the eyes and ears of venture capitalists.

The most prominent year for ICOs happened last year, 2017, with this innovative idea of fundraising reaching sky-high phenomenon. The normal way of company owners to sell some of his or her stock to a venture capitalist who believes that it will gain more than the laid-out cash has been superseded by another way of raising capital.

The unheard scenario of companies using digital currency as a quicker, more transparent, and democratic way of raising funds seem a better idea. Quicker than a blink of the eye, this happened last year with ICOs getting over $1 billion additional funding.

How does this work?

An ICO way of raising funds for new companies is to sell “token” or new cyber money at discounted prices. Market speculation to the new digital currency which is similar to the stock market can successfully make the value appreciate over time. When this occurs, the investor makes a “killing”.

A token can be way different from a stock. A token does not allow any cash flows such as dividends to a company owner. The investors are not allowed ownership rights in the invested new company. Investors may range from small family offices, common cryptocurrency users to experienced and reputable venture capitalists.

Since it’s highly speculative, ICOs can be highly risky. The soaring value of Bitcoin is the reason behind the motivation for ICO investments. Financial experts and gurus are torn by this situation. There are those that are wholly for it and there are those that predict a gloomy future for ICOs.

Be that as it may, it goes without saying that with high-risk comes high profit. From pauper to prince are dreams that are in every investor’s heart. With this said, the motivation to invest should not be taken lightly. The first step is always the hardest which means that getting aboard the best ICOs is the best thing to do. Here are honest and unbiased reviews of various ICO companies that bears checking out:

VPP Virtue Poker Review

Virtue Poker claims to hold the future of online poker in their hands. In times past, questionable practices such as an unfair game and loss of funds were blamed on the defective software. Virtue Poker has created software and a system that allows players to hold on to their money lodged in their digital wallets. This has resolved trust issues on the part of the players.

Fundraising goal: 25,000,000 USD

Token to be used: ERC20

Available Tokens for sale: 50%

Omega One Review

Omega One wants to establish a cryptocurrency trading platform that will provide the market with transparency, stabilization, and excellent security measures. The issues plaguing crypto markets today such as hacking problems, fragmented trading platforms, and limited liquidity are the things that Omega One promises to do away with.

Fundraising goal: $236,200,000 USD

Token to be used: ERC20

Available Tokens for sale: 45%

Orchid Protocol Review

The company firmly believes that the so-called claim of a free internet platform for everyone’s safe use is invalid. The countless stories of personal data mining and illegal surveillance prove the viewpoint of Orchid Protocol. What the company wants is to create a bandwidth exchange that is token-based as a way of securing the privacy of the users.

Fundraising goal: $47,100,000 USD

Token to be used: ERC20

Available Tokens for sale: 3,000,000,000

Coinvest Review

It was frustration at the limited and complex cryptocurrency options that led this company to set up their own platform. The aim of the platform is to provide the first decentralized cryptocurrency trading stock market in the world. By downloading the provided app, users can use the cryptocurrency of their choice to make their own virtual portfolio. Withdrawing the investment is through COIN tokens. The investor has the option to either reinvest or to secure it to his or her debit account. This system makes it quick and easy for investors to spend or save their profits.

Fundraising goal: $30,000,000 USD

Token to be used: ERC20

Available Tokens for sale: 49%

Rentberry Review

The goal of Rentberry is to become the platform for both owners and renters. Paperwork and other standard tasks that need to be completed by an owner and renter to agree on a rental price and credit checks will be handled by the platform. Doing away with middlemen fees provides both owner and renter fair price for a rental property. Decentralizing the housing platform is another goal for Rentberry.

Fundraising goal: $30,000,000 USD

Token to be used: ERC20

Available Tokens for sale: 70%

Thrive Review

The goal of Thrive is to compete with Google ad words. Their plan of setting up a decentralized advertising marketplace enables users to order advertising placements. Watching the advertisements can also earn rewards for users. The consumer evaluation will be provided by the platform to publishers and advertisers. Consumers, on the other hand, will be made aware by Thrive about the handing over of personal data to the advertisers along with corresponding rewards for doing so. The main goal of the company is to break the monopoly of Google when it comes to online advertising.

Fundraising goal: 25,000,000 EURO or $30,600,000 USD

Token to be used: ERC20

Available Tokens for sale: 53%

In closing

The old way of selling a company’s share in return for added capitalization seems to be viewed as outdated. Yet, this old practice gives the least risk to investors. ICO fund-raising is as risky as stock speculation. It may or may not pay off. ICO investment is not for the tender-hearted and novice trader. It is more right up the alley of savvy and experienced investors who can see and smell a good thing. The varied goals of ICO companies look good and timely. It is up to you to research more if these are solid claims and not only good on paper.

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