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Viritenz Review for 2018

by dong ha (2018-04-23)

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The year 2018 brings in another year for Viritenz when it was rated as the best-reviewed health supplement product. There’s a lot going for Viritenz that made it to the top list. For one, men highly rate it. For two, the formula is only composed of the best and all-natural extracts. And, third, but not the least, the right amount of dosages makes it safe and effective for all.

The scientific evidence that back the formula readily rate Viritenz as the best male enhancement supplement last year, this year, and in the coming years. With the potent extracts, men can now enjoy increased libido, healthy testosterone levels, support lean muscle mass, and better sexual performances. The things that Viritenz supports are all in accordance with men’s wishes of giving the best sexual performance, greater results in the gym, and improved energy.

This review is written to better explain the reasons behind the effectiveness of Viritenz towards male sexual dysfunction issues.

The top-level ingredients in Viritenz

Tongkat Ali

It was in Malaysia when this herbal extract was first used to increase testosterone and libido levels. It was later proved that the extract did just that with the addition of more benefits which is weight loss and better endurance. With this discovery, the herbal extract became a popular ingredient included in sports drinks and supplements. The Biotropics Malaysia Berhard went even further by conducting clinical studies to prove the effectiveness and claim of the product. Testing the extract on 63 subjects brought back positive results of lowering stress levels. What this means to men is this: stress levels are brought down only when testosterone levels are at normal levels.


Energy, libido and overall sexual performance are better enhanced when Maca is added to a product. This is because Maca is a popular aphrodisiac that can safely boost up sexual desire, fertility, metabolism, and mood. Countless studies have backed the effectiveness of Maca including the one done by the Department of Biological and Physiological Sciences.


The human body gains health benefits with the help of amino acids. One of the essential amino acids that give a unique health boost is L-Arginine. It is the only amino acid that can directly affect the body’s blood flow. With increased blood flow, it is expected to give men better sexual prowess, longer endurance, and peak energy. This amino acid is particularly popular with athletes because of the long stamina it provides.

Ginseng Blend

Ginseng comes in various varieties with each of them targeting a specific purpose. However, the Asian ginseng is the one that can bring on benefits specific to men. With their use, circulation, energy, libido, and overall sexual health is achieved. This was discovered in several studies, foremost of which is from the Southern Illinois University. Their study found that a longer penis erection is achieved with the enhanced blood flow. Increased sexual desire and better sexual performances are the end result.

Pumpkin Seed Powder

Nutrients and powerful zinc are the main benefits gained from pumpkin seed powder. Zinc has always been known as a testosterone enhancer. Pumpkin seed powder is rich in zinc and other testosterone-boosting natural fatty acids. Health-boosting minerals and vitamins are also the gained benefits from pumpkin seed powder.

Oat Straw

Sourced from the plant that brings us oatmeal, oat straw is a natural extract that has been used since the middle ages. The benefits this extract brings are numerous. They include increased testosterone levels, better sexual performance, and enhanced brain function. An added benefit is the rich mineral and vitamin content.

Catauba Bark

This traditional herbal aphrodisiac was first used in the Amazon because of the increased energy and vitality it gives. The rich antioxidants contained in this natural aphrodisiac boost up the immune system leading to erectile dysfunction reduction. Muscle strain that results from a vigorous exercise program can also be alleviated by the bark.

Oyster Extract

Another rich source of zinc is this seafood extract. Testosterone levels are quickly enhanced with this food extract.

Amino Acid Chelate or Boron

One of the best functions of this mineral is to boost up testosterone levels. Another is to make it possible for the body to absorb other needed minerals. Boron is an amino acid that provides calcium benefits as well.

The benefits gained from Viritenz

The potent combination of natural extracts in Viritenz promises to gain men the following:

  • Enhanced blood flow leading to feelings of sexual excitement, strong and erect penis, and longer stamina.

  • Enhanced sperm production for increased fertility and better prostate health.

  • Increased libido helped by aphrodisiacs such as Maca. The sexual desire remains at a healthy peak all throughout the sexual play.

  • Increased vigor and energy to physically last for longer periods in the bedroom performance. The ingredients help prevent men from achieving premature ejaculation that can take away a partner’s sexual enjoyment.

  • Enhanced bodybuilding benefits by increasing lean muscle mass levels. The higher testosterone levels aided by the ingredients make it easier to increase muscle mass effortlessly.

  • Mood enhancer. Getting into the mood for sex or working out can become difficult when men are stressed. Mood enhancers included in Viritenz are safe and effective.

Does Viritenz make good on all these claims? User reviews seem to agree with positive results posted not only on the official website but other sites as well.

The Bottom Line

The high rate being given to Viritenz only means one thing: the product works. It can be said that one of the biggest business in the market today are alternative male supplements. This is because men, regardless of age, are affected by sexual dysfunctions. Most men would never discuss this openly but the problem is there. It goes without saying that the best recommendation is still to see a doctor. Sexual dysfunctions happen because of an underlying problem. It may be physical or it may be psychological. It has been said that “knowledge is power”. Knowing what brings on the sexual dysfunction is the first step.

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