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Saudi Arabian Government Unfinished Projects

"dika jemat" (2017-08-15)

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Trying to close an enormous budget deficit caused by low oil prices, the Saudi government clamped recorded on infrastructure spending last year. In February, Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan said the efficiency bureau had thus far saved the kingdom 80 billion riyals ($21. 33 billion ).

The intend to evaluate uncompleted projects suggests the govt is attempting to find large additional savings in 2012. Inside a report at the conclusion of last year, it estimated the price of completing all capital spending projects currently underway at about 1. 4 trillion riyals.

Inside a report in January, numerous government projects valued at $13. 3 billion were at risk from being cancelled in Saudi Arabia in 2012 due to fiscal pressures and changing government priorities.

The govt is prone to prioritize projects with strong social welfare and business justifications for example power and water generation, while less essential “vanity projects” for example sports infrastructure, some transport systems and perhaps nuclear energy could possibly be cut back.

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