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Michael Barry

Bio Statement Happy birthday images My Roman heroine now had an authentic name. I wrote like a possessed man. A few days later I found an invitation to the wedding in the mailbox. In the first moment I wanted to rip the card. But my curiosity happy birthday images was stronger. I would definitely go to the wedding party. How would Maria probably react to me? Probably not particularly. Surely she would also find a similarity between Stefan and me. But the idea that I'd been the silent observer at the time would surely not come to her. In a way, I could laugh about myself and my unfortunate role as an unrecognized doppelganger.

Shortly before the wedding celebration my book was finished. It had gained an unprecedented momentum through the stirring events, and I knew that this work would help me to break through.

Happy birthday images Before leaving for Hamburg, I had an important appointment at the Saarländischer Rundfunk. My agent emphasized that the local station was the first to report about my new book. TV shows have been routine for me. But this broadcast was different. Everyone in the studio felt: This is a complete success. The moderator surrendered with praise. "... sensational novel ... New discovery of the year ... the cultural highlight of the season ... Henning Mankell of the bizarre erotic romance ... the Stephen King of the Saarland ..." Euphorically, I enthused the taxi driver, the drove me home from the studio on the Halberg. When I wanted to pay, she refused indignantly. Instead, I had to promise to give her a hand-signed copy of my book.

The next day I could hardly save myself from phone calls. I had made it! In the late afternoon the doorbell rang. "Fucking the press, now they're running the uninvited," I thought, wondering if I should open at all.

Happy birthday images There were two gentlemen I did not know in the middle of forty. Strangely, no one had a camera. Are you Ralf Kornblum? Yes, I am," I said with pride. "What is it? Criminal Investigations" - the IDs which they were holding against me were apparently genuine - "They are in the urgent suspicion of having committed a series of burglaries, and we must ask you to come to the station. Huh ... What? ... This is a joke! We do not like jokes at all. Make them come. I immediately realized that it was not a joke. ... There must be confusion.