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FUT Champions is also present at FIFA 18 free fut coins. FIFA Ultimate Team lets us make the team we want whenever our possibilities allow us, if we can overcome the requirements that the game puts us we will enter FUT Champions 18 , we will play up to 40 games during the weekend and we will receive rewards in the form of envelopes and coins. In order to make you the best team in FUT 18 we have given you some tips , getting free coins and also what young promises the game has to buy for little money.  These two links are the key to start thinking about FUT Champions .



¿ How to Qualify for FUT Champions in FIFA 18?


The first thing is to have a good team of FUT 18. For this we recommend that you opt for what is, today, the training and tactics that work best in FUT 18: the 4-3-2-1. The key to this training is to choose a tactic that bet on short and safe passes , that has an aggressive defense and that, in addition, has off-road midfielders and also players in the bands that are very fast. When investing a little more of the account in currencies, focus on these aspects. 


The best team for FUT Champions : 4-3-2-1 with a powerful midfielder


The good thing about this training is that you will be able to stop the feet of all the people who play like ass to FIFA 18 and who believe that to win you only need to run forward, center and score a goal. Cut those idiots' wings and control the game. 


Requirements to qualify for FIFA 18 FUT Champions


To qualify automatically there are a series of requirements . If you play in the online seasons mode and you are in the first division you can directly enter FUT Champions . How to get to this league is usually very difficult but with FIFA 18 free points it is quite easy to get free points in Unlimited numbers to upgrade players, you will have to overcome the different qualifying tournaments that there are during the week. The problem they have is that they have specific requirements , such as playing with teams with players of certain nationalities with a certain level and chemistry styles of FIFA 18 free coins hack.