Three new species of Hypogymnia (Ascomycota: Parmeliaceae) from the Bering Sea region, Alaska, and Russia

Bruce McCune

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Hypogymnia castanea and H. fistulosa are newly described species of lichenized fungi (Ascomycota: Parmeliaceae), apparently restricted to oceanic tundra in the Bering Sea region. Hypogymnia castanea is so far known in Alaska only from the Seward Peninsula; it is also found in far east Russia. Hypogymnia fistulosa occurs at numerous localities on the Aleutian Islands, other islands in the Bering Sea, and the Seward Peninsula. Hypogymnia lugubris ssp. beringiana is elevated to the species level because of numerous morphological, chemical, and geographic differences from H. lugubris in the southern Hemisphere. Hypogymnia beringiana is a rare species from Alaska and Russia.


Aleutian Islands; Bering Sea; far east Russia; Hypogymnia beringiana; Hypogymnia castanea; Hypogymnia lugubris; Hypogymnia fistulosa; lichenized fungi; lichens; Seward Peninsula



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