A new species of Camarops and phylogenetic analysis of related taxa in the Boliniaceae

Sabine M. Huhndorf, Andrew N. Miller

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Camarops rogersii is described as a new species in the family Boliniaceae (Order Boliniales) from Puerto Rico, distinguished by confluent, monostichous, soft, brightly-colored stromata. It is most similar to Camarops flava and Mollicamarops stellata. These taxa differ in ascospore morphologies, distant geographic distributions and their occurrence in distinct habitats. Camaropella pugillus is reassessed based on a collection from North Carolina and compared to Camaropella lutea. Phylogenetic analysis of nuclear 28S large subunit (LSU) DNA sequences supports the recognition of these taxa.


Ascomycota; Camaropella; LSU; systematics

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/naf2008.003.00715


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