Eighth International Symposium on Arctic-Alpine Mycology (ISAM 8), Beartooth Plateau, Rocky Mountains, USA 2008

Cathy Crips, Joe Ammirati

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The eighth International Symposium on Arctic-Alpine Mycology (ISAM 8) was held on the Beartooth Plateau, Rocky Mountains, USA, August 3-10, 2008. A report on this symposium is given along with a list of participants, the group’s preamble, and references for proceedings of previous symposia published as a series of volumes on Arctic and Alpine Mycology 1-7. The contributions that follow in this issue of North American Fungi are the complete proceedings for ISAM 8 published here as Arctic and Alpine Mycology 8 (editors Cathy Cripps and Joe Ammirati). We dedicate this issue to two mycologists who worked in Arctic-Alpine Ecosystems: Meinhard Moser, Austria (1924-2002) and Orson K. Miller, Jr, U.S.A. (1930-2006).


Arctic and Alpine Mycology; Beartooth Plateau; fungi; ISAM; Rocky Mountains

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/naf2010.005.0051


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