Subgenus Mallocybe (Inocybe) in the Rocky Mountain alpine zone with molecular reference to European arctic-alpine material

Cathy L. Cripps, Ellen Larsson, Egon Horak

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The genus Inocybe (including subgenus Mallocybe) is a significant component of the ectomycorrhizal community in arctic and alpine habitats in terms of both diversity and distribution. Species are associated primarily with low woody shrubs of Salix, Betula and Dryas. There is evidence that shrubs are expanding in arctic-alpine habitats making the ectomycorrhizal fungi that support them of
high interest. Here we provide the first detailed report for six Mallocybe taxa with willows from the Rocky Mountain alpine zone (WY, MT, CO) including: Inocybe arthrocystis, I. dulcamara, I. leucoloma, I. leucoblema and in the I. fulvipes group, I. substraminipes and other taxa. Phylogenetic analysis matched Rocky Mountain specimens to arctic-alpine specimens from Scandinavia. ITS sequences of Kühner and Favre type specimens were used as references for several clades. Data suggest that these species have a broad intercontinental range in arctic-alpine habitats and a few are known from the subalpine. A key to Mallocybe species in the Rocky Mountains is provided along with type information.


Arctic-alpine; fungi; Inocybaceae; Kühner types; Rocky Mountains; Sweden



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