Lycoperdaceae (Agaricales) on the Beartooth Plateau, Rocky Mountains, U.S.A

Taiga Kasuya

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Ten species of Lycoperdaceae classified into three genera, Bovista, Calvatia and Lycoperdon are reported from the Beartooth Plateau, Rocky Mountains, U.S.A. All are new records for this alpine area. Among them, Lycoperdon frigidum is a new record for the lower 48 States. Also, an alpine record of Calvatia booniana extends the known habitat of this fungus in North America.


Alpine fungi; Beartooth Plateau; Bovista limosa; B. nigrescens; B. plumbea; Calvatia booniana; C. sculpta; Lycoperdon cretaceum; L. frigidum; L. norvegicum; L. turneri; L. utriforme



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