Antifreeze activities of various fungi and Stramenopila isolated from Antarctica

Nan Xiao, Shigeki Inaba, Motoaki Tojo, Yosuke Degawa, Seiichi Fujiu, Sakae Kudoh, Tamotsu Hoshino

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We examined the antifreeze activities of culture filtrates from cold-adapted fungi and Straminopila isolated from terrestrial materials in Antarctica. All of the isolates could grow at -1º C on suitable media and antifreeze activities were detected in various taxa including: an isolate of an unknown species in Oomycota, an isolate of an unknown species in Blastocladiomycota, Antarctomyces psychrotrophicus, Penicillium camemberti (Ascomycota) and several basidiomycetous yeasts. Unique ice crystal structures in media and depression of the freezing point of water for some are presented as evidence of fungal antifreeze proteins that can protect cells in cold climates.


Antarctica; Antarctomyces psychrotrophicus; antifreeze protein; Blastocladiomycota; Hyphochytriomycota; Leucosporidium antarcticum; Oomycota



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