Phylogenetic placement of four genera within the Leotiomycetes (Ascomycota)

Vincent P. Hustad, Andrew N. Miller

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Phylogenetic relationships are currently unknown for many taxa of discomycetes.  Type species of three genera of Leotiomycetes (Graddonia, Propolis, and Strossmayeria) and a representative of Vibrissea were sequenced for the 28S nuclear ribosomal large subunit (LSU) to determine their phylogenetic affinities.  A phylogeny of the Leotiomycetes, including numerous helotialean taxa, was constructed under maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference.  All four genera occurred in the Leotiomycetes.  Graddonia occurred as an unsupported sister clade to the aero-aquatic genera Lambertella and SpirosphaeraPropolis formed a strongly supported clade with Cyclaneusma, Marthamyces, Melittosporium, and Naemacyclus as an early-diverging member of the Leotiomycetes, while the placement of Strossmayeria and Vibrissea was supported in the Vibrissea-Loramyces clade.


Ascomycota; Graddonia; Leotiomycetes; phylogenetics; Propolis; Strossmayeria; systematics; Vibrissea



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