Phytophthora pluvialis, a new species from mixed tanoak-Douglas-fir forests of western Oregon, U.S.A.

Paul Reeser, Wendy Sutton, Everett Hansen

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A new species, Phytophthora pluvialis is described. P. pluvialis has been recovered from streams, soil and canopy drip in the mixed tanoak-Douglas-fir forest in Curry County, Oregon, and in two additional streams in other areas of western Oregon. It has been found only rarely in association with twig and stem cankers on tanoak but not with any other plant host. The earliest isolate of P. pluvialis was from soil in 2002. P. pluvialis is classified in ITS Clade 3.


Oomycetes; canopy drip; rainwater; streams; soil; environmental Phytophthora



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