A new Vestigium on Abies balsamea

R.A. Shoemaker, D. Malloch, S. Hambleton, M. Liu

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A second species of Vestigium is described and contrasted with V. felicis known from Oregon and B.C. on Thuja plicata. The new species occurs on needles of Abies balsamea in New Brunswick and is compared with Rhizothyrium abietis, the anamorph of Rhizocalyx abietis. Molecular studies of the new species show affinity with Chlorencoeliaceae, Dermateaceae, Hemiphacidiaceae or Hyaloscyphaceae.


Endophytes; Vestigium trifidum; Vestigium felicis; Rhizothyrium abietis; Rhizocalyx abietis; Chlorencoelia torta; Cistella spicicola; Cryptosporiopsis actinidiae; Colipila masduguana; Phialia strobilina; Tetracladium spp.; Cetenulifera sp.; Heyderia abiet

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/naf2013.008.009


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